Travelling info

Delft lies in the beautiful heart of the Netherlands. The excellent transport infrastructure means Delft is easy to get to by car and by public transport. There are ample parking facilities, with car parks around the city and on the TU campus. And because the city is so compact, everything in the historical city centre is within walking distance.

Amsterdam Schiphol – Delft

Getting to Delft from the international Schiphol Airport is easy by public transport or with the special taxi service ‘Schiphol Travel Taxi’. There is an excellent train service between Schiphol and Delft, with 6 trains per hour and a maximum journey time of 45 minutes. For more information about the train service go to: .

Rotterdam The Hague Airport – Delft

Rotterdam The Hague Airport is an attractive airport situated only 5 km outside of Delft. Rotterdam The Hague Airport is ideal for European destinations, with very short waiting times for checking in, boarding, and luggage collection.

For more information go to: .


Public transport

Delft is directly connected to the European railway network. The city has a whole range of transport services to serve convention visitors, including trams, busses, taxis, and shuttle services.


Delft is easy to get to by car from every direction. Delft is situated on a major motorway (A13) with direct road links to the A12 (The Hague – Germany) and A16 – A4 (Amsterdam – Belgium).